READER INPUT Law and order for all

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How wondrous the contortions of the human mind, when one deliberately chooses not to remember. 

Two years ago, many of the same people now supporting Dave Wheeler’s election to the Town Council – especially his Tea Party supporters – were angrily demanding that two Council members re-elected by the people be forbidden to take their Council seats for close to a year until the attorney general could decide whether the sloppily drafted term limits initiative, riddled with drafting errors, was or was not legal. They weren’t the least bit concerned that, to use their own words, they themselves were attempting to overturn the lawful re-election of two incumbents.

Oops. Forgot about that. How convenient.

Yes, even elections are strictly regulated by laws – hundreds of them – which have to be obeyed.  It’s one of the main things that separates us from dictatorships.  If they want a country where elections aren’t protected by laws, I can suggest some great banana republics. 

Many of the people now demanding that Mr. Wheeler be allowed to disregard the law that forbids one man holding two “incompatible offices” are vociferous law-and-order advocates.  Law and order for everybody but themselves? 

Bill Branch, Loomis