READER INPUT Good for mind and body

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At H. Clark Power Elementary School, I participate in the sports program. The sports they have are soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, and cross country. I play soccer, volleyball, and basketball. I think that volleyball is my favorite because it gets your daily exercise in, gets you away from video games, and gets your mind and body to move faster.
In soccer, it is so fun because there is a great mass of field you can play on, and gets you smarter to where the ball is going to go. At recess we play tackle soccer. That's how I broke my shoulder.
In basketball, you learn how to move quickly and shoot better. It also gets your exercise in.
I believe that everyone has the ability to do sports and active activities. It will help you in shape, body and mind. I hope more people get to do more sports.
Nathan Banks, Loomis