READER INPUT Don't penalize older employees

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Everyone (except politicians and Union management) has been hit by this Country's recession. Most of us understand that without profit there are no wages.  I'm sure employee wages will have to be adjusted.  Why not find a way to ease the work load for employees and have happier customers at the same time? Stop requiring scripted, incessant false pleasantries and chitchat from checkout clerks and baggers. Give us all a break, the twenty question routine is annoying!Fire the numbskull and the marketing group that came up with these ideas, that should save you money as well. I've read both handouts re the strike. I am concerned that older, long time employees will be hurt more than anyone in this dispute. It is my hope that Raley's will honor its commitment for health and retirement benefits to  long time,  older employees.  These people  relied on contracts made with management and they are least able to adjust to reduced and unexpected circumstances.  Make other wage adjustments but don't  pull the rug out from under long time employees now.  See above, get rid of the silly marketing gimmicks and just be a good grocery store with the great people you have now.

Patricia Gibbs, Loomis