READER INPUT Don’t like school lunches

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I would like to complain about the school lunch system: it is flat-out bad. This is due to budget cuts, small portions and the overall quality. To start out, portions have been rapidly changing. They no longer allow seconds, leaving several people still hungry. But now they force us to take not just the main course, but they dish lots of other stuff with it. And because they have to buy more stuff than usual, the quality changes. Also, they're making the main course smaller, and no one even eats the other stuff.
They have also downgraded the quality. About two weeks ago, they loaded my tray with the usual stuff, but then I got a closer look. The half peach they gave me had mold on it. That was the thing that ensured no one was going to eat the extra stuff. Then, if that wasn't enough, this year all the brands were terrible. The food was dry and often covered in a flaky, white powder that was too big and hard to be salt or flour.
As you can read, clearly, this is an issue that needs to be fixed. Something must be done.
Riley Fryer, Loomis