READER INPUT Deny ag use proposal

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Food, clothing and shelter are life’s basic necessities, but alcohol consumption, concerts, parties, reunions, etc., are not.

Applicants for “Community Center” designations in agriculture/farm lands are attempting to dress non-agricultural activities in ag clothing and presenting a charade that county officials must not fall for. Year-round, profit-making, public event centers with no guidelines as to number of customers, hours of operation, or types of events—-limited only by the imagination—create a nuisance.  With obvious noise and traffic impacts, all neighbors will pay dearly via lowered property values and inability to enjoy their properties.

It's not the government’s job to impose negative impacts on neighbors so that someone else can make money with an unacceptable land use.

Entrepreneurs should have researched the industry before investing. Since ag operations need transportation to market, can a farmer start an auto-repair shop and claim it’s ag related? Can a rancher start a slaughterhouse to make ends meet?

Stop the charade. Do not allow profits to trump peaceful country lifestyles. Tell your supervisor to deny current Community Center proposals, enact codes to govern future applications, and suspend all approvals until then.

Jake O’Rourke, Loomis