READER INPUT: Cost too high for animal shelter

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Are the supervisors serious about spending $23.6 million to house stray dogs and cats? If so, they need to have “stupid” stamped on their foreheads.

Thoroughbred horses that earn millions of dollars don't live that well and most are not euthanized. Spending the taxpayer’s money comes pretty easy for elected officials. There are people living on the streets, businesses going out of business, seniors have issues making ends meet, roads need repair, outrageous charges for sewer service. I could go on and on, and supervisors want to spend $23.6 to house dogs and cats, of which large percentages are going to die. The county builds mausoleums rather than just functional buildings with your money. I take issue with the Grand Jury as well, what are these people thinking. They should emphasize the previously mentioned issues and other human needs over animals. Taxpayers, read what your elected and non-elected officials are doing with your money and vote accordingly. Un-electing really works.

Bill Carpenter Sr., Auburn