READER INPUT Bullying makes kids feel left out

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I want to address the topic of bullying. The most commonly known type of bullying is the physical kind where the bully inflicts physical pain and damage. From what I have seen as an 8th-grader at H. Clark Powers, there isn't a whole lot of that type of bullying around here in Loomis. But there are a few other kinds of bullying I have noticed. One of them is excluding people. You know the different groups in school, such as the really smart people, the football players, the athletic people, the trouble-makers and the teacher pets. But what about the people in between? They start to feel left out and as if they don't matter. Nobody deserves to feel that way, Soon they begin to feel as if everybody hates them and they start being depressed. But there are ways to help them. You don't have to be their best friend. Just an occasional smile or even a short conversation will help them feel better about themselves and the world won't seem so bleak. So make an effort to include them, and brighten someones day.
Jordan Jones, Loomis