Reader doesn't want winery ordinance changed

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Placer County and its wineries are pulling out all stops to dupe the public as they try to pass a disastrous winery ordinance without informing private road owners of what's coming. We maintain our own private roads, but the wineries want to open tasting rooms, party facilities, and food and merchandise sales using our private roads, which will turn them into public commercial access drives. Wineries tell us not to worry about the new law, AB2004, which also allows wineries to sell beer, brandy, wine by the glass and bottle for on-site consumption. Anyone can read the bill and find that it states explicitly that these activities are allowed. Our private road neighborhoods will be subjected not just to public commercial traffic but also "DUI" drivers! Wineries are hiding behind "right to farm." We support agriculture, but not illegitimate opportunists who are looking for loopholes that will take away our privacy, depreciate our home values, and endanger our neighborhood--pets, children, and family. Unlike public roadways, law enforcement does not occur on private roads. If they can do this to us, they can do it to anyone. Stop the winery ordinance changes now. Contact your supervisor immediately. Ernie Jay Auburn