Rampaging Penryn bears appear to have moved on

By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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A Penryn family – and its chickens – are resting easier five days after bears rampaged through their poultry coop. Floyd and Suzanna Giaccani were victimized Thursday night after a female adult bruin and two cubs killed three of their chickens. The bears were treed and Floyd Giaccani said he believes he may have hit at least one when he shot in the dimming light with a 9 mm pistol. The bears came down from the trees and departed later that night. Floyd Giaccani said Tuesday that the bears have not returned. The Giaccani’s rural neighborhood is located off Rock Springs Road near the boundary with Loomis. A neighbor said she and her husband also had a visit at their house six days earlier. Marlene Slover, a 40-year-Penryn resident, said she wasn’t alarmed when they came upon the bear sitting 10 feet from their door. Only a screen separated the bear and a cub that was with her from a freshly baked apple cake. “She put her nose in the air and was smelling the apple cake – she wasn’t fearful,” Slover said. “But it wasn’t aggressive.” The two bears were soon joined by another cub and, seeing humans, they walked down Secret Ravine Creek and away from the house. Slover said that was the last appearance for the bears on her property. Three bears were also spotted in Granite Bay earlier last week. The number to call to report bears to Fish & Game in the region is 916-358-2900. The department advises that if you get a recording to phone back because there is only one line. In an emergency situation, call 9-1-1. – Gus Thomson