Public short on financial support

City council hopefuls and measures not getting much in way of contributions
By: Martha Garcia, Loomis News Editor
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Signs fill street corners and neighborhood yards, but according to campaign statements, there doesn’t seem to be much public participation when it comes to financing the campaigns for Loomis town council candidates and the term limits measure on the Nov. 2 ballot. By Oct. 5, all committees formed to support or oppose candidates or measures were required to file Form 460, the campaign disclosure statement, covering contributions and expenditures for the period ending Sept. 30.’Candidates and committees are required to include the name of donors who make contributions, or cumulative contributions, of $100 or more. Candidates must file as a committee once they receive donations of $1,000 or more or make expenditures of $1,000 or more. Form 460 filed on Oct. 5 with the Town of Loomis show that town council candidates Walt Scherer and Miguel Ucovich, both incumbents, and Sandra Calvert have formed a campaign committee under the name Calvert/Scherer/Ucovich for 2010 Town Council. As of Sept. 30, the committee had a zero beginning balance, raised $2,000 and had expenditures of $1,546.54, leaving a cash balance of $453.46. The Loomis Committee for Measure A, which would impose town council term limits, has raised $1,117 through Oct. 8. The committee filed Form 460 on Oct. 12. The Loomis Committee for Measure A had a beginning balance of $179, which was carried over from unitemized monetary contributions of less $100 received on Aug. 30 and included on a campaign report filed Sept. 13. The Oct. 12 filing by the Loomis Committee for Measure A also showed cash receipts of $938, expenditures of $456, and an ending cash balance of $661. There is also a committee opposed to Measure A. Form 460, filed on Oct. 5 by the No on Loomis Measure A committee, indicates a beginning balance of zero, contributions of $1,228.62, payments of $931.06, and an ending balance of $297.56. On Schedule A, Monetary Contributions Received, the Loomis Committee for Measure A lists a contribution of $250 from Gary Doupnik Mfg Inc. made on Oct. 8, and is listed in the summary of amounts received for contributions of $100 or more. A contribution of $266 on Sept. 29, and another for $273 on Oct. 6, are listed, but no names are included. Contributions of $50 received on Sept. 14 and $99 received on Sept. 17 are also listed. The four amounts, which total $688, all appear to have been included in the summary under unitemized contributions of less than $100. Tom Millward, the treasurer for the Committee for Measure A, said the Sept. 29 and Oct. 6 contributions were listed incorrectly. “There’s nothing over $99 except for Doupnik’s. These were donation of $10, $20, $99, $50,” Millward said. “I’ll have to submit an amended 460 to the town.” According to Schedule A, Monetary Contributions Received, on Sept. 7 the Calvert/Scherer/Ucovich for 2010 Town Council committee received a $1,000 contribution from Marilyn Jasper of Loomis. She lists her occupation as retired. On Sept. 22 Loomis councilman Walter Scherer donated $500 to the committee, as did pet sitter Nancy Nordlin on Sept. 7. Nordlin is the wife of councilman and candidate, Miguel Ucovich. No unitemized monetary contributions of less $100 are listed. The Calvert/Scherer/Ucovich for 2010 Town Council committee lists expenditures of $321 and $250 for the California Voter Guide, as well as $265 for advertising in the Loomis News. Patricia Miller, significant other of Loomis mayor Gary Liss, is the treasurer for this committee. Patricia Miller is also the treasurer for the No On Measure A committee. Miller, a property manager, made a donation of $517 to the committee on Sept. 27. The committee also received a donation of $500 from Marilyn Jasper on Sept. 7. Nancy Beck, of Loomis, listed as retired, made a $200 donation on Sept. 7. The form shows unitemized monetary contributions of less $100 were received. The No On Measure A Committee made payments of $687.50 to the Sacramento Bee and $243.56 to Seale Signs. As of Tuesday?????, council candidates Jo-Carol Arisman and Vic Markey had not formed a committee and had not filed Form 460 campaign statements. The final pre-election Form 460 campaign disclosure statement, covering the period Sept. 30 to Oct. 16, is due today.