Property rights are threatened

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People of Loomis need to wake up. Your rights as property owners in the Town of Loomis will be quietly taken away and replaced with fines and penalties if you are not paying attention to what committees like open space, parks and recreation have in mind for your property, if you own property along a creek in the town. Do you want public access to these areas? Are you willing to let a select few make these decisions for you? Pay attention; attend the meetings of the committees and the so-called workshops. Also look at the proposed Tree Ordinance and its fines and penalties if you do not follow the rules set by the select few. Our rights as property owners will be taken away. I bought this land and moved to Loomis 50-plus years ago, I pay the taxes and I feel I should be able to do with it as I please so long as it is not a health hazard or safety issue. If I wanted to live by other peoples rule and regulations I would move to a place controlled by CC&Rs. Barbara Burklow, Loomis