Police warn against e-mail banking scam

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The Auburn Police Department is warning residents about a recent e-mail scam and urging them to be careful about sharing their financial information online. Auburn Police Chief John Ruffcorn said Tuesday a resident forwarded the department an e-mail received Monday allegedly from Bank of America. The e-mail asked the resident to open an attachment, follow a link to a Web page and enter their account information. The e-mail said failure to do so would result in account suspension, Ruffcorn said. “It’s fraudulent, the whole thing,” Ruffcorn said. “I would like our citizens to be aware that there are fraudulent e-mails out there that are asking for personal information. If you are receiving anything from your bank, unless you are 100 percent sure it’s from your bank, I suggest they contact their bank verbally to make sure it is.” Ruffcorn said the e-mail was one of the better crafted ones that he has seen, but residents need to be really careful when that kind of correspondence directs you to another website. “As the Internet becomes more and more part of our every day lives, the frauds are becoming more and more complex,” he said. “And so we are trying to stay one step ahead of them, but they are trying to stay one step ahead of us.” Ruffcorn said he encourages anyone else in the community who has received these e-mails to contact the police department at (530) 823-4237. ~Bridget Jones