Police arrest Auburn Bank of America suspect

By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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A 28-year-old man from French Camp has been arrested on suspicion of robbing Downtown Auburn’s Bank of America March 8. And he’s been linked by police to a spree of bank robberies that started in early January. Auburn Police Chief Valerie Harris said the suspect – Dustin Michael Burt – was stopped and arrested on unrelated warrants last Friday in Stockton. Witnesses have subsequently identified Burt as the prime suspect in the Auburn Bank of America robbery, Harris said. Police are acknowledging that a traffic stop made shortly after the Auburn robbery led investigators to Burt. At the time of the robbery, police had verified a traffic stop was made. They said at the time the officer received identification from the person stopped before releasing him. Information from the stop became part of the ongoing investigation. In a statement released late Wednesday, police provided more information about the March 8 stop of a man matching the description of the robbery suspect. A witness to the robbery was brought to the location of the stop and said the man who had been detained was not the same man who committed the robbery, police said. “The man was identified and released since there was no probable cause for his arrest with the information available at that time,” Auburn Police reported. But as a result of leads from the traffic stop, Burt was eventually arrested. “Burt and his associates have been linked to a spree of bank robberies, which began in January and continued until his recent apprehension,” Harris stated. Police – citing an ongoing investigation – aren’t releasing information on other possible robbery locations. Auburn Police had already said that the similarity of a March 2 robbery at the Roseville Square Bank of America branch and bank security camera footage indicated the perpetrator was also the man who robbed Auburn’s Bank of America branch. The robber, who didn’t show a weapon, fled through a back door in the March 8 holdup. The last time the Auburn branch on High Street had been robbed was December 2008.