Planning commissioner speaks out

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313 words This letter is in response to the recent letters to the editor regarding Mayor Russ Kelley and me in the attempt to tie us to the candidate committee “Next Spring in Loomis.” As I have stated before, I had no knowledge or connection whatsoever regarding the three mailers that went out during the November 2006 elections supporting Russ and me and opposing two other Loomis candidates. I stated this in the Loomis News then and in a letter to the Loomis Lions Club whose good name was included in the mailers. A complaint was filed to the FPPC (Fair Political Practice Committee) and a thorough investigation followed. The FPPC takes these matters very seriously, as evidenced by the high-profile case of a California congresswoman who has recently been fined in excess of $300,000. There was also a recent article in the Sacramento Bee reiterating the seriousness of FPPC regulations and their commitment to the rigorous enforcement of their laws. As a result of the investigation, Jim Williams (the organizer of “Next Spring in Loomis”) was issued a warning letter and the investigation concluded that neither Russ nor I had any association with “Next Spring in Loomis.” None of my campaign money came from “Next Spring in Loomis” or the contributing organization mentioned in the FPPC investigation report. As for allegations of votes being influenced by developers, I suggest that concerned citizens review the voting records and attend some of our meetings. Planning commissions votes are cast after thorough study, discussion, public input and debate. The Homewood Lumber project took over a year. Most votes are either 5-0 or 4-1. I would like to think this letter would put this matter to rest, and I’m sure it will with most people. I would like to also offer my complete support and confidence in our Mayor, Russ Kelley. Greg Obranovich Town of Loomis Planning Commissioner