Planning commission decision is temporary affordable housing fix

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Regarding the appeal on the small subdivision on Berg Lane: I think it is important that the community hears why the planning commission approved the subdivision while retaining the five older homes. In this case, the lot in question with the five homes is on a “legally non-conforming” lot which means that the lot is not consistent with the current zoning ordinance. The ordinance now calls for one acre per home in that area, not ¼-acre. It will take a special general plan amendment to update the situation. These homes have been on their location for about 50 years. The homes are currently occupied by five families, four of whom presented their situations at an earlier meeting. The affordable rents make it possible for these families to send their children to Loomis schools and enjoy the quality of life that our community has to offer. The developer has committed to upgrading these homes to current building codes and improve their quality. He has also committed to keeping the rents in the range of affordable housing for the next 20 years. Currently, Loomis has a shortage of affordable housing and is required by the State to designate areas in Loomis for approximately an additional 150 homes. Part of what makes Loomis unique is that we can take a common-sense approach to unique situations. With a stressed economy, with many losing their homes and a need for additional affordable housing, it makes no sense to raze these homes at this time. If the council does not amend the general plan within the next four years, these homes will have to go at that time. The planning commission decision allows more time for the fate of these homes to be determined by the town. Greg Obranovich Loomis Planning Commissioner