Placer County Sups honor locals for community service

By: Staff Report
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The Placer County Board of Supervisors paid tribute to several locals for outstanding community service during a special recognition ceremony last week. Betty and Gary Doupnik, of Loomis, and C.H. Vincent, a Del Oro High School volunteer and youth sports coach, received commemorative coins under a program established by the board in 2002 to recognize acts of heroism, longstanding community service or exceptional acts that dramatically improved or impacted people’s lives. For many years, Gary Doupnik Mfg. Inc. produced modular buildings for schools throughout California, as well as a host of other public agencies, private organizations and companies. The company was the largest employer in Loomis and the town’s largest sales tax producer at one time. Gary and Betty Doupnik are well known for their contributions to community causes. For example, they donated gym and storage lockers for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, a building for the Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce and a storage building for the Loomis Basin Food Pantry. “I know it took a little convincing for Gary and Betty to come today. As I said, they like to stay out of the spotlight, but, given their unassuming nature and quiet giving, I am glad that they are here today, so that the Board of Supervisors and I can recognize them,” 3rd District Supervisor Jim Holmes said. “You two are truly an inspiration to all of us, because you have touched the lives of so many people in a quiet, but positive way.” Fourth District Supervisor Kirk Uhler noted that he was on a youth soccer team coached by C.H. Vincent in 1979. Vincent coached soccer teams from 1979 to 2004 and spent 23 seasons as a softball coach with Five Cities Fastpitch Softball. He also assisted with the varsity softball team at Del Oro High School in 1988 and managed and assisted baseball teams in the South Placer Little League. Since 1986, Vincent has run the clock and scoreboard at home girls basketball games at Del Oro High while his wife, Earlene, runs the shot clock. He also has been involved in the Save Our Sports campaign that benefits the athletic program at Del Oro. “Over the years, Coach, as he is affectionately referred to now by hundreds, if not thousands of youngsters like myself, has dedicated 32 years to serving his community, most of them after his kids already were grown,” Supervisor Uhler said. “It is my great honor today to recognize the man I grew up calling coach and now have the pleasure of calling friend, Mr. C. H. Vincent.”