Perfect STARS

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The Loomis Union School District honored students who were in grades two to eight last year, who earned perfect scores on the STAR state tests taken last spring. Second-graders earning perfect scores in math are Luke Bryan, Jayden  Lomax, Jaco Ruwart and Michael Sherman. Third-graders are Carson Bingham, Warren Guinn, Rebecca Harmonson, Samuel Harris,  Jenna Lambourne, Anthony Marengo, Jake  McCullough, Oliver McGowan, Katelyn Thompson, Ian VanAelstyn and Lia Kate Williams. Fourth-graders are Max  Ahlquist, Jacquelin Armand, Bryce Bartell, Michelle Brown, Taylor Culligan, Abigail Edwards Justin Fraser, Erika Hayashigatan (math and ELA), Marika Hayashigatani, Ella Kennedy, William McBroom, Tirth Surti, Derek Tommasini, and Isabelle Winger. Fifth-graders are Anika Chakrabarti, Cali Craig, Parker Fox, Anvita Gattani, Kody Green, Kayla Rose Jagger, Elizabeth Love, Sebastian Mathews, Gemma Rose,  Avery Smith and Kirsten Webb. Sixth-graders are Jake Anderson, Annika Braun, Juliana Brockman, Sophia Brown, Megan Carl, Sydney Mathias, Antony Rozic, Abigael Untalan and Erien Uppal.Seventh-grader Declan Kellog earned a perfect math score and eighth-graders Mason Beseler, Christina Harston, Grayson McKenzie, Josh Redford, Alex Stram, Eric Vollmer, and Kailyn Watilo.