Park needs water feature

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On Dec. 14, 2010, the Loomis Town Council voted not to include the water spray feature as part of the depot park. Water sprays have become the most popular features in parks in the valley. Nothing draws children on a hot summer day as does the opportunity to run through sprinklers. Rocklin has added three, the Fountains near the Galleria has one, and Roseville is planning one because they are so popular. What happened to Loomis? The town had the money in the park fund to put the spray item in as the park money can only be used on park development. It would draw many children and their parents downtown during the hot summer. It would be a boon to local food establishments; yet, a majority of the council did not want to include it. If you support the addition of this feature as I do, I ask you to write a letter to the Town Council asking them to include it. Let’s provide some fun for our children. Miguel Ucovich, Loomis councilman