Order up — giant burger lands in Loomis yard

Origin of 100-pound burger unknown
By: Martha Garcia, Loomis News Editor
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The Pickerel family of Loomis didn’t go to a drive-thru to order a hamburger. They got a giant hamburger, as well as a hot dog and slice of pizza, delivered to their home instead. Trisha Pickerel said her husband, Jeff, found the food sculpture on the lawn of their Sparas Street home Sunday morning. The prank was temporary, though, as Sheriff’s Department deputies used a pickup truck to haul the giant hamburger to the county’s impound yard in Auburn Monday morning. “The burger was 6-feet long by 5-feet high. It weighs over 100 pounds,” said Lt. Jeffrey A. Ausnow of the sheriff’s investigation division. Ausnow said the department doesn’t know who the victim is. “Its origins are unknown to us,” he said. “Someone could have had a business a long time ago, someone could have gotten it from the dump or stolen it from another county.” Pranks like this aren’t new to the Pickerels, whose sons Chris and Jordan are Del Oro High School graduates. “We still haven’t (found out who did it), but it’s usually the boys, because they’re students and do that. They do funny things to each other,” Pickerel said. Pickerel enjoys the kids’ antics, remembering surprise ornaments that appeared on her lawn. “Last year I got about 75 pink flamingos all over the yard,” she said. The kids aren’t afraid to pull pranks on the Pickerels, she said, because “they know that we have a good sense of humor, and we’re not going to be all mad.” The “culprits,” Pickerel said, “could be somebody that the kids now, a person we all know.” Her sons like to have fun, too, she said, pointing out that the pranks are harmless and always done at the houses of friends. “Jordan and his friends have dressed up in hot dog costumes and have run around the Galleria as a prank,” she said. Jordan, 19, got a kick out of waking up in the morning to see a giant hamburger. “It reminded me of ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ (the animated movie), hamburgers falling out of the sky,” he said. Jordan isn’t talking about how he plans to return the favor when he figures out who left the giant hamburger in his family’s yard. “It’s confidential, classified information,” he said.