Now is the time to 'clean house'

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It is time to “rise up and replace them.” Them being the current players in the good ol’ boys club called Placer County. Already we have two opportunities to do exactly that. Before the June election, we must set aside personal relationships and friendships, to examine the performance of those we have mistakenly elected or risen through the ranks. There’s Rockholm who refuses to meet with his constituents, sends inciting e-mails to a constituent and has difficulty forming any cohesive thought that doesn’t restate what his colleagues have already addressed, albeit less thoughtful and organized. He's an empty suit. Then there’s the DA’s number-two man, Scott Owens whose campaign is run by Uhler’s aide Jagger. That is, for appearance sake, of course. They pulled Uhler’s name from the campaign material hoping us common folk wouldn’t realize the very department Owens works for and was expected to investigate the Uhler solar power deal, but didn’t, couldn’t be connected one to the other so easily – very clever. I like Owens about as much as most other people but it’s time to clean house in every department in the County and I’m hoping voters will put aside their personal relationships and help do just that. Diana Powell Colfax