Not 'little Berkeley'

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Overheard at one of the town workshops were some former Bay Area residents chuckling about how they would be transforming Loomis into "little Berkeley." It is no laughing matter. The town council currently suffers from a three-person majority wielding an agenda suitable for Berkeley, not Loomis. The three, of which Gary Liss is one, is spending hundreds of thousands of the town's very limited dollars on a tree preserve and tens of thousands for a feasibility study to widen public streets to accommodate electric powered golf carts. Those three also supported a "healthy food" resolution, which would have had adverse consequences for town residents and local restaurants. A vigilant public and the leadership of Councilwoman Rhonda Morillas forced that radical measure to be tabled. If you love Loomis just as it is and don't want it made over into a liberal's vision of utopia, I urge you to vote for Rhonda Morillas and Dave Wheeler for town council. Think local government doesn't matter? Think your vote doesn't count? It does! In the last election a council seat was decided by just three votes! Bob Rhodes, Loomis