No ‘big city’ ideas

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I have lived all over the U.S., but am in love with Loomis. I feel it’s important to be involved in your community. Eight months ago I started going to every town council meeting. I was very shocked at the way things were conducted, and even further, at the meet the candidate night at the Blue Goose. I know all three of them, and have had several conversations with each. I’ve heard lots of things around town, and received a letter from Walt Scherer. That is what has prompted this letter. I find the argument that Gary Liss, and Walt Scherer isn’t pro growth intellectually dishonest. Over the last eight months, I have seen and heard them vote for "big city" ideas, NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) lanes like Lincoln, and Rocklin and the PlacerSustain agenda. In everything they do and vote on, it’s comparing us to big cities with lots of growth and expensive policies. The Town of Loomis can't be compared to these cities. The things that work in big towns, don't work in small towns and vice versa. I would ask the people on the council be honest with us. We aren't stupid. We expect better from you. Brian Baker, Loomis