New schools will offer students choices

By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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Two new schools, offering alternatives in education, will open in Loomis this fall. A private, Christian school and a charter independent study school were both recently granted use permits by the Loomis Planning Commission and are currently accepting enrollment. According to Cynthia White, owner and principal, Sierra Christian Academy is relocating from Rocklin to Loomis. The property, a one-acre site on King Road across from Loomis School, is currently in Escrow and was formerly the site of another private school. The planning commission approved the academy for up to 160 students. White said she plans to open the tuition-based academy for children in preschool through eighth grade, on Sep. 8. She said that there are 80 students currently enrolled. “We are a Christian school with high academic standards, based on love, respect and kindness,” White said. Julia Berry, of Loomis, taught at Sierra Christian for four years over a ten-year period and her children attended the school when the Berry family lived in Rocklin. “It is integrated learning using both sides of the brain. It is a very secure environment. You feel the warmth,” Berry said. Berry also said that White was fun to work with and very enthusiastic. “She’s a good encourager for the children. She never gives up on a child,” Berry added. White said she and her husband, David, plan to remodel the existing facility with new roofing, fencing, paint, landscaping and a playground. CORE Placer, an independent study/home school facility, will be located at Stonetree Plaza on the corner of Taylor Road and Shawn Way. An orientation will be held on Aug. 15 and school begins on Aug. 24. Sandy Shea, school director, said CORE is a public school chartered in Placer County out of the Colfax Elementary School District. She said that she expects to have 50 to 70 students. Shea called CORE Placer a “personalized learning school” and said the program is designed for a variety of students including “students struggling to do credit recovery or home school,” and for students who want to “move at a quicker pace or at their own pace.” Shea said the center will have a computer lab and library and will offer some classes, tutoring and science labs at the facility. According to a Town of Loomis staff report, the school expects 10 to 15 students “attending throughout a typical school day.” Tina Raibley is a Loomis resident and business owner who has experience both with traditional schools and home school. Over the years, her children have attended Franklin Elementary School and Del Oro High School and have been home-schooled. “It’s good to have choices. Kids learn differently and it’s good to have options,” Raibley said. She visited CORE’s Web site and said she thought it looked like a good program. Raibley said she doesn’t know if she’ll be doing any more homeschooling for her children, but if she were she said she would consider CORE as an option. According to their Web site, CORE uses the personalized learning and “students, along with their families, work with a California-Certified teacher to customize their education.” For more information on CORE Placer charter school, call (530) 366-8340; for Sierra Christian Academy, call (916) 217-5437.