New loans for homeowners to go ‘green’

Placer County eyes funding program
By: Gus Thomson, Gold Country News Service
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Help is on the way from an unusual source in Placer County for homeowners looking for ways to find funds to pay for a “greener” home. Everything from installing a new heating and cooling system to buying technology to help ramp down on water consumption would be covered in a loan program that is being developed by the county Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office. The source of funding under what is being dubbed Placer mPOWER would be the county treasury, with Treasurer-Tax Collector Jenine Windeshausen anticipating $33 million being made available during a time when loans are hard to come by. Auburn resident Russell Garcia, president of the non-profit Green Cabinet, said the county program is “the kind of leadership we’re looking for.” The Sacramento-based Green Cabinet provides education for the commercial building industry in sustainable construction practices. “This will stimulate the economy, reduce the carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency,” Garcia said. Under Placer County’s plan, a loan would be repaid in yearly installments, with the debt being attached to property tax bills.