National parks need funding

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Our (U.S.) National Parks (Service) budget has been cut by $100 million with the temporary funding measure passing Congress. Already our parks have a maintenance backlog of $11 billion! We need staff and maintenance, acquisition of threatened habitat within parks’ boundaries, construction and more. We cannot afford to lose access to our most prized natural possessions, America’s unique natural treasures. People come to visit from across the globe to see what we often take for granted: take a vacation here, in our land, and enjoy the scenery, the wildlife, the amazing sights and sounds nature provides. Help us keep what we have. Please, stand up for our national parks and call your Congress representative today. Ask them to prevent further cuts to the national parks budget. Let Tom McClintock know he must help to pass a budget that does not cut National Park Service funding so our parks continue to welcome visitors and protect America’s heritage for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. Yosemite alone has over 3.5 million annual visitors. Let’s stand up for what we are about to lose. Suzy Forwood, Auburn