Mother daughter artists open studios for tour

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Open Studios by the Lake

What: Visual and audio art collaboration

Who: Jannelle Gooch, Colors of Life Studio, and Danika Gooch, Purewind Studio

When: Saturday, April 14, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Drop by or stay all day.

Where: 3415 North Lakeshore Blvd., Loomis

Free Workshops: 1 p.m. ReMades: transforming old clothes into fresh whimsy; 3 p.m. Improv: play melodies you hear with a group; bring own instrument 

All day: Try playing up to 20 instruments

Info: 652-8183 or,,




Two artists – a mother and her daughter –  will open their in-home studios this Sunday to inspire others to discover creativity and beauty in their everyday lives.

Jannelle and Danika Gooch, of Loomis, present Open Studios on the Lake, a collaboration of visual and audio art forms on this Sunday, April 14 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at their lake-side Loomis home.

Known as the “mother-daughter team” of the Placer Arts Council and participants in the Loomis Art Loop in the early 2000s, they created kiln-fused glass and textile arts together for five years.

Now, Jannelle Gooch works with glass, fabrics and herbal skincare products in her Colors of Life Studio, while daughter Danika is a full-time musician – teaching, composing and recording music down the hall in her own Purewind Studio.

“We each have a studio in the house and work in tandem to collaborate and encourage each other,” said Jannelle Gooch. “We decided to open up the studios because we’re doing a lot of special things around here that we’d like to share.”

The event will feature free tours of their studios, live music, and a gallery for viewing and purchase, including kiln-fused glass light fixtures, handmade clothing and accessories, natural hair and skincare products, CDs, sheet music and custom painted pianos. Free workshops to inspire attendees to make clothing and music and try 20 different instruments will take place throughout the day.

Finding beauty in all aspects of life is a way of life and love for both women.

Jannelle Gooch earned an interior design degree to help people beautify their living spaces and a physical therapy degree because she loved exercising and helping others. After realizing she spent more time doing paperwork than helping people, however, she moved on to help her husband build their engineering business and family home, and home-school their two children.

She has now come full circle to help others artistically. She said she brings life to people’s bodies by making pure “skin puddings” without harsh chemicals to nourish and heal hair, skin, muscles and joints. And she adds beauty to interior spaces by creating unique fused glass light fixtures.

“I call them ‘deLights’ because they are an explosion of color when you turn the light on, and it always makes people smile,” she said.

Jannelle Gooch said she looks forward to inspiring people to redo their old clothes instead of throwing them out by taking scraps, mixing colors and combining parts of different pieces to create something new.

“I have at least 50 to 60 “re-mades” in my closet that people comment on and I love, love, love doing that. I’ll have a few pieces for sale, but mostly I want to help people see how to do it for themselves,” she said.

As much as Danika Gooch enjoyed creating visual art with her mother, music has always been her specialty. She’s given music lessons since she was 12 and taken many different kinds of training to develop her talents.

In addition to working as a full time musician, she also hosts NewSong Camp, offering free professional instruction for instrumentalists and vocalists of varying ages and skill levels.

She’s equally adept at enhancing practical life with art. So many people loved the piano she painted to feature in a music video that she’s turned Painted Pianos into a business with her brother Alexander, a piano technician.

“Just sitting down at a Painted Piano brings new life to the songs you are playing because it’s about the audio and visual together. Our purpose is to inspire people to find the beauty that is everywhere to be found in every sense, at every level, for everyone,” she said.