More Penryn chicken deaths blamed on marauding black bears

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More chickens have been reported killed by marauding bears in the Penryn area. In the most damaging coop break-in to date, longtime Penryn resident Terry Wicks said 18 of her chickens were killed after a bear ripped off locks and broke down a door before cornering them in the coop. The attack took place about two weeks ago, Wicks said. A neighbor also lost four roosters in a similar attack around the same time, she said. Fish and Game found tracks and claw prints on the neighbor’s property and Wicks said she found prints on her land. The strength used to break the door in two indicated to here a bear was responsible, she said. Traps have now been set to help avoid a recurrence. The Wicks property is located on Rock Springs Road, on the north side of Interstate 80. Other attacks have occurred on the south side of the freeway, near Rock Springs Road. To get to the north side, bears would have to travel a tunnel under the highway. Wicks has lived on Rock Springs Road since 1961 and said it’s the first bear on her property during that time. – Gus Thomson