Millward's efforts helped fire measure pass

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Wow! It didn’t take long for this campaign to go negative. Reading the letters to the editor from the Loomis News (Sept. 18, 2008), it’s clear to me which way Gary Liss and his supporters are going to take this campaign. The writers for Liss wasted no time in going after incumbents except Scherer and Ucovich. In doing so, they even went after Greg Fellers whose many years of giving to the Loomis community are legendary. This is common practice of Liss, Scherer, Ucovich and their supporters who choose to demonize anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be sucked into the negative vortex of the Scherer political machine. Vote the way you want to in this election. Hopefully, that will be a vote for Millward and Morillas. Fuzzy Jarnagin Loomis