Millward stands for objectives stated in General Plan

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Our elected officials have the duty and responsibility to investigate, research, and challenge each measure brought to the Town Council for a decision. The data required in the decision process includes both expert and layperson testimony taken in public hearing. Unlike judicial proceedings, however, there is no stipulation that requires the data to be factual, accurate, or qualified as opinion. The elected official must, therefore, objectively weigh the data provided, assess the consistency of the measure as proposed with the overall objectives and plans of the town, and then make the decision by voting for or against the measure. Tom Millward exercises this process in reaching a decision and demonstrates the judgment and integrity to support the framework and core values contained in the Town General Plan. Some letters in this column have directly, or by innuendo, suggested that Tom Millward is pro-development, anti-business, against open space, and unsupportive of Loomis values. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tom Millward stands for achievement of the objectives of the Town stated in the General Plan in a manageable and fiscally responsible manner. If this is not obvious, review his voting record and you will reach this conclusion. Return Tom Millward and Rhonda Morillas to the Town Council by your vote in the November election in order to assure Loomis values are protected. Ron Morris Loomis