Measure gives voters a choice

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The only challengers against Measure A, are the four councilmembers with a combined total of 54 years in office, and their special interest group. They realize the majority of voters favor term limits, so they have resorted to scare tactics to dissuade a “yes” vote by threatening a lawsuit and suggesting the town will be thrown into disarray if it passes. Any lawsuit filed would only benefit the two incumbents if re-elected, and would be no benefit to the town, thereby wasting valuable taxpayer money. There are other options other than lawsuits and town chaos. The path of least resistance would be citizens voting all incumbents out this election cycle, ending all threats. The town attorney indicated that the one question that could arise from Measure A is the effective date, which would have no bearing on it becoming an ordinance, according to other case law. Measure A is already in motion. All the arguments for and against and all the rebuttals have been submitted. Let the voters read their sample ballot arguments and decide for themselves. Vote “yes” on Measure A; give voters a voice toward shaping their own local government. Tom Millward, Loomis Loomis Committee for Measure A