Measure A is being defied

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The majority of the voters voted for Measure A to limit the time a councilperson could serve at one time. Walt Scherer knew Measure A would pass, that why his team consisting of three other councilmember and the town attorney did everything possible to be able to defy the will of people when it did pass. Scherer’s council put it on the November 2 ballot supposedly to save the town money and to have a larger voter turn out. Now that it passed, they are taking it to court, spending taxpayer money and using the town attorney. This was their plan from the beginning. Scherer and Miguel Ucovich won the election because a lot of people that voted against Measure A voted for them. The majority of the voters want term limits. The voters are tired of the council representing themselves and their own special interest and ignoring them. The voters are fed up with this council and a lot of them are seriously thinking of a recall of those councilmembers involved with fighting Measure A at the expense of the town just for their own benefit. They feel a recall would be cheaper than the court costs. Gary Sypnicki, Loomis