Mayor clears the air on campaign contributions, FPPC investigation

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On November 3, 2006 a complaint was filed with FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) regarding campaign fliers that were mailed from a campaign committee identified as "Next Spring Loomis" to the residents of the town. On February 20, 2008 the FPPC concluded its investigation and closed the case. In a warning letter to Loomis resident James Williams, the sponsor of the committee, the FPPC advised that he should have included the name of the association that had provided the funding for the mailers in support of Russ Kelley and Greg Obranovich, candidates for Loomis Town Council. In their investigation of the complaint, which included documents and interviews, the FPPC identified that neither candidate had any ties to the "Next Spring Loomis" campaign. No communication to either Greg or me has been sent to or received from the FPPC. I have stated in the past and I will state it again that I had no knowledge of the initiation of the campaign committee nor did I have knowledge of the fliers until I received them in my mailbox at the same time as you did. There seems to be a lot of misinformation that is appearing in letters to the editor in the Loomis News. I want to assure you that I always do my best to represent issues that are important to all of the community. If you agree with what I do or if you disagree with what I do, I am always open to meeting with you to discuss your concerns. Please do not hesitate to call me at 652-6836. I asked Greg Obranovich to stay on the planning commission because I felt that he was a benefit to the town and has the background and experience to do the best for all citizens in Loomis. I do appreciate his time and dedication for a better Loomis. As for my campaign contributions, they came from friends and neighbors who felt strongly that I could contribute to the Loomis quality of life. I do not have special interests that get in the way of finding the best for Loomis. Russ Kelley Loomis