Man and woman found dead Friday in Fourth Street home

Homicide investigation under way
By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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Neighbors described the man and woman found dead in a Fourth Street home as an older couple, known to be quiet. An adult male and an adult female were found dead in a home at the 1500 block of Fourth Street just after 6:30 p.m., according to the city of Lincoln’s public information officer Jill Thompson, 20 minutes after a Placer County SWAT team entered the home. “Staging medical personnel entered the house and pronounced the individuals dead,” Lincoln Police Lt. David Ibarra said. “The male and female both sustained a gunshot wound.” The identity of the man and woman are husband, Noland Thomas, 67,and Jo Ann Thomas, 70, according to Thompson. It appears at this point in the investigation that it was a murder-suicide, according to Thompson. She said that it appears the husband shot the wife and then killed himself. The neighbor, who wished not to be named, described the man to be “a little cantankerous.” She described the man and woman be in their sixties, as “just the old couple that moved in.” “I never heard them arguing, they didn’t really talk,” the neighbor said, who then commented on the shooting. “It’s just horrible.” The incident began at 4 p.m.Friday, when Lincoln police dispatch received a call from the house where the deceased were discovered, according to Thompson. The male called and said he shot his wife and was going to shoot himself, according to Thompson. The caller then hung up, according to Thompson. Lincoln police officers arrived on scene at 4:02 p.m., Thompson said, and heard what sounded like gunshots. “They heard a loud pop, much like a gunshot,” Thompson said. “Not knowing exactly what they were dealing with, the Lincoln Police Department called Placer County SWAT in,” Thompson said. When The News Messenger arrived on scene at 5:07 p.m., streets were cordoned off between N, P, First and Fourth Streets. Agencies blocking off the Streets included the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, Lincoln Police Department and Lincoln public services departments. The Lincoln Fire Department was on scene in case medical aid was needed, Thompson said. Four residents and a nearby professional building were evacuated prior to the SWAT team entering the home, according to Thompson. “Lincoln Police detectives are now conducting an investigation and interviewing witnesses to determine the reason why this shooting occurred,” Ibarra said Friday night.