Letters to the editor

Low cost homes

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At the Blue Goose, Dave Wheeler, when asked what his plans were for Heritage Park, commented that he wanted low cost, affordable housing built there.   A few of us residents who back up to the property, find that surprising, especially when expressing the dangers of the pond in the same comment.  But, neither Dave nor Rhonda would know since they've never asked those most affected.

Gary Liss has asked and has courteously sent an email whenever the Heritage Park issue comes on the agenda. He has been an active listener and seems to enjoy Loomis residents participating in a town forum setting.  Our balanced budget with reserves indicates pretty strongly, that Gary is the fiscal conservative he claims to-be. If Dave Wheeler is elected, it won't be on his own merits. He'll have won by misrepresenting Gary.  He's promoted Gary as a liberal because his education and passion is the environment.  We are Christian conservatives, and as my neighbor said, although we're against the big gov't environmentalist programs, we like Gary’s ideas in our home town.  That’ why we’re voting for Gary Liss.  

Sandy Eagen, Loomis