Love family donates their time to help community

By: Joyia Emard/Loomis News Staff Writer
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The Love family of Loomis gets teased about their name sometimes, especially around Valentine’s Day. But they share a bond that extends beyond their own family and overflows into the community where Peggy leads the Loves in volunteering. Peggy and Ed Love have been married for 20 years. Ed is a fire captain with South Placer Fire and Peggy is a stay-at-home mom. They have six children, but there are at least another 150 teenagers who call Peggy “mom.” They are the Del Oro High School football players, and around school she is known as “Mama Love.” Peggy devotes her time to volunteering with the Del Oro football program where her sons Eddie, 17, a junior, and Kevin, 15, a freshman, both play. She said that from June through December she spends anywhere from 30 to 40 hours each week serving as equipment manager, team parent, and snack bar manager for the freshman, junior varsity and varsity football teams. When asked about “Mama Love,” Del Oro senior Josh Smith’s first thoughts were about food. “Every Monday during the season she makes cupcakes and brownies for all the players and her car is loaded with them. Sometimes she makes us dinner,” he said. “She’ll talk to you about anything. She’s like a second parent. You can go to her for advice or guidance and talk about things like girls, school, your parents. She makes sure you’re doing everything right,” he added. Josh, 17, who is a football player, used adjectives like “caring” and “sincere” to describe Love. “She has lots of energy and she’s always happy to see you,” he said. Del Oro head coach Casey Taylor called Love “a great person.” “She does so much behind the scenes. She’s been a great addition to our program. The boys love her,” Taylor said. Love considers it “a privilege” to be able to work with the players. “I just love children. I have found my passion is working with teenagers. I don’t judge them. I just listen. I wish I’d had someone like that when I was a teenager,” she said. According to Love, her other children get involved in the Del Oro football program, too. Scott, 10, a Franklin Elementary School fourth-grader, gets to volunteer as a ball boy. He and big sister, Rio, 18, a Del Oro junior, like to work in the snack bar. Ellie, 8, a Franklin second-grader, has her own cheerleader uniform she wears on game night, while Nathan, 12, a sixth-grader, plays football for the Junior Eagles program. Their dad, Ed, is a former Junior Eagles coach. Love considers the volunteer work she does a way of “sharing her blessings.”