Loomis voters have spoken

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As chair of the Loomis No on Measure A committee, I wanted to state for the record that we believe the voters of Loomis have spoken, and we respect that. We opposed term limits for Loomis, because – while they might be appropriate elsewhere – we felt they were not needed in a town as tiny as Loomis, where we vote for friends and neighbors. However, it is clear from the election results that the voters wanted term limits. Both sides now agree that to implement the measure that included an illegal retroactive provision, the town needs to ask an impartial court how to proceed. Without a court ruling, the town has no way of knowing which candidates can be seated on the new town council, beginning Dec. 14. The No on A committee has asked me to state publicly that they are not asking that Measure A be thrown out by the courts. They are merely asking that the court repair any illegal retroactivity, but otherwise allow the measure to go into effect when the legal mistake has been fixed. Sandra Calvert, Loomis