loomis Union has plenty of perfect STARS

By: Staff Report
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Many Loomis Union School District students did perfectly well on portions of their state standardized tests, taken last spring. District second-graders earning perfect scores in the math portion of the STAR test are Kari Alexander, Thomas Clark, Addie Mathias, Asher Fox, Anthony Marengo and Lia Kate Williams. Third-graders are Avery Hodge, Bearret Bews, Erika Hayashigatani, Marika Hayashigatani, Maxwell Ahlquist, Jessica Ridgeway, Katie Leahy, and Dane Nelson. Fourth-graders are Amanda Dupriest, Parker Fox, Joshua Hansen, Ethan Chapin, Sebastian Mathews, Gemma Rose, Gavin Bomhoff, Sarah Littlejohn, Elizabeth Love, Jake Anderson, Taylor Warner Kemis, Anthony Rozic,Victoria McLaughlin, Brayden McLaughlin and Kirsten Webb. Fifth-graders are Cole D’Elia, Riley Fryer, Trevor Johnson, Sydney Esposito, Megan Carl, Dante Bellissimo, Kelan Clark, Ethan Scott, Alexandra Buckman, Natasha Buckman and Katherine Chase In sixth grade, Taylor Evinger and Spencer Schmidt earned perfects in math and Daia Ernst received a perfect language arts score. Seventh-grader Jack Montgomery made a perfect math score, while eighth-graders Kevin Hannigan received a perfect science score and Moses Wolfe Palgar scored perfectly in math.