Loomis Union District scores highest API in county

Loomis Basin Charter School earns a 930 out of 1,000
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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Local elementary schools are some of the top in Placer County, based on recent state performance scores. As a district, the Loomis Union School District advanced 13 points to an overall Academic Performance Index score (API) of 895, the highest district score in Placer County. One of the district’s schools, Loomis Basin Charter School, earned an API score of 930 out of a possible 1,000, which was the third highest elementary school score in Placer County. The school’s curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate program. The charter school currently has 311 students in grades kindergarten to six. Cameron White is a fourth-grader at the Charter school and earned a perfect score in the math portion of his STAR test. He said he thinks it’s “really cool” that his school rated so highly. When asked how he thinks the school did it, Cameron said, “The majority of kids are pretty smart and study hard for tests.” His classmate Alex Neiman attributes the high API score to “good teachers.” “They teach really well,” Alex said. William Clark, also a fourth-grader at the school, thinks it’s a combination of “really good teachers and really good kids.” Cindy Uptain, Charter school principal, was pleased with her school’s score, but said the API is not the only measure of a school’s success. "We want to celebrate the scores, but it’s only a piece of the puzzle. It’s more about producing problem-solving thinkers, who are responsible caring people," Uptain said. "These types of scores are a team effort between the teachers, parents and students." The other six Loomis district schools earned API’s ranging from 886 to 898. Ophir Elementary School, the smallest district school with only 209 students, raised its API score by 38 points. Paul Johnson, Loomis district superintendent, lauds the district’s teachers for the high API scores. "Our teachers go over and beyond every day in the classroom in the things they do to prepare for class and in the excellent instruction they offer our district students,” Johnson said. According to the state Office of Education, the goal is for all schools in the state to have a minimum score of 800. Scores are determined by STAR test results and growth targets being met. The Office of Education website states growth targets are set for the entire school and for “all numerically significant groups of students” based on student ethnicity, parent education level, and the number of economically disadvantaged students. Statewide, 51 percent of elementary schools and 40 percent of middle schools achieved a minimum API score of 800. ---------------------------- 2010 LOOMIS DISTRICT API SCORES Loomis Union School District: 895 (up by 13 points) Loomis Basin Charter School: 930 (up 15 points) Ophir Elementary School: 898 (up 38 points) Loomis Grammar School: 897 (up 10 points) Franklin Elementary School: 895 (down 1 point) Powers Elementary School: 889 (up 22 points) Placer Elementary School: 889 (up 14 points) Penryn Elementary School: 886 (up 1 point) NEIGHBORING ELEMENTRY SCHOOL DISTRICTS Eureka Union: 895 (up 6 points) Roseville City: 866 (up 6 points) Dry Creek Joint: 861 (up 2 points) Auburn Union: 815 (up 5 points) Source: State Department of Education