Loomis school board needs watching

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Your school board delights in the fact that you aren’t paying attention. The Loomis Union School District is run by an elitist group of men who abuse the power that they have. And the fact that only a handful of people regularly attend their monthly meetings, makes it easier for them to manipulate decisions. Though they are elected officials, their decisions do not represent the Loomis community. The majority of these men spend very little time on the school campuses, they are out of touch with the classroom, and they disregard teachers’ and site administrators’ perspectives. Their recent approval of another charter school and the expansion of the existing charter school leads one to question the direction they see for this district. Finally, the school board has fired one of our district administrators under the pretense that they are trying to save money. In reality they are dismissing her because she’s a strong leader, she’s not easily manipulated, and she’s smart. Don’t be fooled parents. We have some power-hungry elitists making some major decisions that will affect all of us! Debbie Newton, Loomis resident and teacher