Loomis mayor says Homewood isn't leaving town

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It would be unfortunate for the good people at Homewood Lumber if, after reading Tom Millward’s letter (Loomis News, Dec. 18, 2008), your readers believed that Homewood Lumber was leaving Loomis. They aren’t leaving. We are continuing to flesh out the finer details of the development agreement including finding the best way to transfer the gift of open space land to maximize their tax advantage. That will take some time. Nobody wants to err with that one. Homewood Lumber aside, it wasn’t the untrue statements throughout the letter that gave me concern. Nor, was it the name-calling. People take pot shots at me on a regular basis. Unfortunately, in many places, that’s what passes for political discourse. It’s what the letter did not directly say that worries me. The letter spoke to me about a feeling that only those of us who have ever lost elections can really feel. I know. I’ve been there. It is devastating to wake up on the morning after the election to find that you didn’t win. Avoiding that fate is the No. 2 reason why more good people don’t run for office. If you don’t handle it well, the loss can age you immensely. Someone once said that hatred only hurts the vessel that carries it. Every day is precious and should be enjoyed and celebrated. If you know anyone who put out everything in the past election and didn’t get the votes they hoped to, please reach out and do what you can to help them return to where they celebrate life. Give me a call, if you think I can help. Walt Scherer Loomis