Loomis is lucky to have Liss

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How fortunate the Town of Loomis is to have Gary Liss as a dedicated elected councilman. He fulfills his duties responsibly and intelligently, and then goes beyond the call of duty by volunteering for many other public service activities. Some malcontents have the audacity to complain that he’s doing too much. Unbelievably, they criticize him for all the extra time he donates to Loomis to keep it a great place to live. Because of his impeccable integrity, he recused himself from a budget vote in case it was improper due to his volunteer work with PlacerSustain, a nonprofit. Only small-minded, bitter people would try to manufacture phony complaints to generate resentment about Liss’s generosity. Had he voted on the budget, we can be sure the same soreheads would have criticized him for that as well! Carrying so many chips on their shoulders, it’s amazing they can still reach for such straws. Loomis is lucky to have such a gem of an official in Gary Liss. He is a model for all public office holders. Keep up the great work, Gary! Randall Cleveland, Newcastle