Loomis fate in good hands

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I think the Town council has done an exemplary job in charting a course through these very difficult economic times. The council’s success and vision stems from its adherence to the General Plan. The General Plan can be the foundation of any well run town or city or it can be a noose around the necks of its citizenry. There are plenty of examples around us where councils either don’t read their own plan or don’t use it. Sadly, Loomis is becoming an island in a sea of apocalyptic development. If you want Loomis to be the kind of place your kids will come home to, we need to vote for people who understand how fundamental a General Plan is to the success of our town. I have worked very hard with Gary Liss over the years and I can assure you the fate of Loomis and its future could be in no better hands. Vic Markey, Loomis