Loomis dream became a reality 25 years ago

By: Gary Liss, Mayor, Town of Loomis
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On Dec. 17, 1984, Loomis was incorporated to maintain our rural lifestyle instead of the path embraced by our neighboring communities. Our founders had a vision that a small town could survive if enough people contributed their time, energy and resources to get things done. There are many examples all around us of individuals and groups who have made their dream into our collective reality, including: • Blue Goose fruit shed restored by South Placer Heritage Foundation (SPHF) • Eggplant Festival organized by Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce • Cowboy Poetry organized by Bert and Carol Braun and SPHF • Community parades like the Day Before Thanksgiving Parade organized by Loomis First Assembly of God church and the Band Spectacular organized by Del Oro High School • Senior L.I.F.E. Center organized by many in our community This dream has worked for 25 years by neighbor helping neighbor, and people coming together around a common vision. Although we changed mayors last week, I want to stay the course of the past year, particularly: • Shed to Shed – Continue the focus on the downtown, including completing the MIG study, designing and constructing the downtown park, and promoting downtown businesses with more festivals, events and • Better Borders – Continue to resolve impacts from developments in neighboring communities beyond litigation • In addition, my personal dream is to Think Globally and Act Locally. Globally we are facing an unprecedented challenge in how we address climate change. Leaders of the entire world met this week in Copenhagen to figure out how best to rise to this challenge. For Loomis, I'm going to set up a Green Ribbon Task Force to help Loomis residents, businesses and the Town become more sustainable and benefit from green jobs and the new Green Economy. Anyone interested in participating should contact me at or call 652-7850. The Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization is already working with “clean technology” firms as a priority. County Treasurer Jenine Windeshausen is launching an exciting new program, mPOWER, that will invest some county reserve funds in loans to residents and businesses for energy and water efficiency improvements that can be financed up to 20 years on property taxes. These are hopeful signs that Loomis can work together with many partners to help us become more sustainable. As mayor, I encourage you to help keep Loomis the special place it is, and to help it become the center of the Loomis Basin once again. We've updated the town’s Web site ( with agenda, staff reports and minutes posted for all major town meetings, so you can be informed and provide your best advice on town projects and challenges we face. I look forward to your participation on town projects, and to your pursuing your own dreams in Loomis this year. With all of us working together, there is no dream that is out of our reach.