Loomis District promotes 8th-grade class

By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Editor
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Almost 300 eighth-graders from the Loomis Union School District from six different schools came together to celebrate their promotion to high school last week and became Del Oro High School?s Class of 2016. The district held promotion ceremonies on the football field at Del Oro on June 12. Loomis Grammar School principal said, ?As a whole, this is one of the best district eighth-grade classes I?ve seen in my 20 years at the district. Del Oro should be very pleased and proud.? Individually, each eighth-grade class from each school has it?s own personality. As far as the Loomis Grammar class, Judd said they are academic and athletic. ?They are high achievers in both areas. They have lots of fun and personality. They are a very cohesive group,? he said. Judd, who spent months on medical leave undergoing cancer treatment this school year, said he feels especially close to this class. ?They were a big part of my healing. I wanted to be back for them,? he said. And while Judd said he will miss the students, he is pleased to send them off to Del Oro where he knows they will get involved and will spread their talents. ?They are doers,? he said. Cindy Uptain, Franklin Elementary School principal, said her eighth-graders will be ?sorely missed.? ?They brought buddy programs, spirit rallies, and a sense of leadership and pride to Franklin School this year. As a whole they understood how to balance school with their social life. There was always a sense of respect and care among the class and their teachers.? She said Del Oro ?will enjoy their positive quirky nature and intellect.? Placer Elementary School principal Carolyn Cowles called her graduates ?a super-creative group of kids.? ?Their artwork has depth and complexity. They are well-behaved and very cooperative. They are a pleasure to take places and they?ve been our most successful class in community service,? she said. Cowles said the students will their bring creativity to Del Oro. Andy Withers, Penryn Elementary School principal, said his graduating students have ?really grown.? ?They are very close ? like a family,? he said. Withers believes Del Oro will benefit from his class? ?outside the box thinking? and called them ?a strong group of leaders.? Principal Glenn Lockwood, of H. Clarke Powers Elementary, said his class is ?an intelligent group.? ?They?re witty, mischievious and loyal to each other. At Del Oro they?ll add passion to whatever they participate in, especially when they are engaged. Mary Zaun, principal at Ophir Elementary called her class a ?close group of friends.? She said thery are ?well-rounded, strong leaders.? ?They will bring to the high schools their leadership skills, inquisitive minds and integrity, their kindness and camaraderie,? Zaun said. During the ceremony honor speakers from each school were chosen to present a speech. They were Chase Bigon, Penryn; Jake Vargas, Ophir, Lillian Stanwick, Loomis; Jose Untalan, Powers; Carina Schick, Franklin; and Hannah Lichti, Placer. American Legion Award recipients wereTim Bartolomei and Emily Curry, Placer; Bryan Willhide and Alyssa Leaman, Penryn; Amanda Baker and Mason Beseler, Franklin; Trey Udoffia and Ashley Mineer, Loomis; Sofia Krein and Jose Untalan, Powers; and Delaney Sisk and John Burdett, Ophir. Lion?s Club award recipients were Rebecca Maringer, Placer; Jacob Newby, Penryn; Jordyn Carlson, Franklin; Lilly Stanwick, Loomis; Keaton Burns, Powers; and Sierra Perez, Ophir.