Loomis displays as a dysfunctional family

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The small town of Loomis has been put on public display as a dysfunctional family because of a couple of political activists who filed a conflict of interest complaint with the attorney general’s office on April 25. One of the activists, Janet Thew, was appointed by Councilman Walt Scherer to sit on the planning commission; and the other activist, Bill Branch, was a Sacramento TV news reporter for more than 40 years. Both activists were supporters of the Gary Liss campaign in the last council race in which Mr. Liss lost his council seat to part-time Fire Chief Dave Wheeler. Their AG complaint comes almost six months after the race was certified by the Placer County Elections Office and the Loomis town clerk.

They contend that it is illegal for Mr. Wheeler to hold both the fire chief position and the Loomis town council seat. It seems that if they were really concerned about the legalities, they would have brought this to the AG as soon as Mr. Wheeler announced his candidacy, not six months after his council position was certified. The timing of the filing of this complaint is very interesting, indeed. Maybe there are other motives at work?

Sonja Cupler, Loomis