Looking Back

Week of Dec. 22, 2011
By: Howard Stitt
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50 Years Ago December 22, 1961 Among the businesses expressing Holiday Wishes to all were Blue Goose Growers, Flying A Service, Stan's Watch Shop, Loomis Mutual, McGiffin Auto Parts, Gene's Automotive, Jay McClains Texaco, Main Drug Store, Law Brothers, Bank of America, California fruit Exchange, Bobs Service, and Tillett Cleaners. Ben Takahashi was excited about a new Loomis Mutual Supply store being built just behind his existing store. Jim Makimoto was chairman for the Annual Christmas Program for the First United Methodist Church of Loomis. The story of the birth of Jesus christ was narrated by Massi Iwasaki, Janice Down, and Jerry Wallace. The "Fix 'n Mix'em" refreshment ladies were Ellen Nitta, Florence Kageta, and Miyo Suzuki. Among the college students home for the holidays were Carol Black, Jim Struble, Tom Cooper, Perry Edwards, John Coe, Phil LeVelle, Jeanne Takemoto, Carla and Brenda Mangiaracina. The new officers for the Tanda Camp Fire Girls were Katri Kokila, Karen Hansen, Christine Vgraggen, Dee Dee Makimoto, and Kathy Leak. Ruth Dean was installed as Master of the Loomis Grange. The organization celebrated its 95th Anniversary. 25 Years Ago December 25, 1986 At the Loomis Community Nursery School, children were asked, "What does Christmas mean to you?" Courtney Humfeld- "Somtimes my grandma comes and brings me presents. My dog's name is Annie." Keef Kiser- "I like to go to the Bay area to eat dinner and open presents." Scott Crim - "You have real glass bulbs on your tree." Carlotta Willwee - "Santa Claus gives presents to people." Nathan Leschner - "Presents and candy." Jimmy Black - "Christmas is from Santa Claus and presents. The end." Nick Shelton - "Christmas is fun." Kimberly Murphy - "I like Santa Claus. He brings his reindeer." Patrina Kline - "When Santa brings us toys, then Dad sneaked out and then he saw Santa out the window." Jennifer Shelton - "I like the Christmas tree." Ryan Everhart - "Christmas is a Christmas tree and decorations on the tree." Ryan Marsh - "Well, we decorate our house with a big Christmas tree with a big star on it." The children enjoyed purchasing presents for others at the Christmas Store. Kristi Kiser was among the many who were excited to visit with Santa. Tony and Jimmy Black were also excited about their mother dressed as the "Walking Christmas Tree." 10 Years Ago December 27, 2001 Loomis School 7th grade teachers Kristine Sohrakoff and Gerald Farren assisted their students in business decisions as part of Free Enterprise Day. Guest speaker Eric Lombardi, owner of Pizza Factory, explained the scope of operating a franchise. Among the participating students were Scott Euerle, Sean Black, Sarah Lehman, Molly Ferguson, David Woliver, John Haggard, Jessica Dunn, Tiffany Baggaley, Sarah Coursey, Shantelle Friese, and Jamie Heidekker. Jami Nicholson of Loomis graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Del Oro senior Alli Riegel won Best of Show in the school's Fall Art Show with her oil pastel, "Jamaican Dolls." Franklin students became serious sleuthing scientists in the "Environmental Detectives" program through Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley. Their goal was to uncover probable causes of an environmental problem. The central core of Loomis offered a variety of places to enjoy lunch or dinner including Loomis Chinese, Main Drug, Horseshoe Bar Grill, Pizza Factory, and Lorenzo's Mexican Restaurant. Mike Lee was the new vice chairman for the Placer County Water Agency. After purchasing the old Nelthorpe property years ago, Loomis was ready to build the connection between Walnut Street and Horseshoe Bar Road.