Looking Back

Week of December 8, 2011
By: Howard Stitt
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50 Years Ago December 8, 1961 Steve March of the Del Oro Parents Club presented a plan for the future football stadium. Access would be from the south through a corridor connecting with the Loomis-Brennans Corner road. The Loomis School 8th grade class financially "adopted" a 5 year old Chinese girl Kwok Yin Wah, through the Foster Parents' Plan. Yin Wah's family of six lived in a shack built on a rooftop above the crowded streets of Hong Kong. Water had to be carried in for the family's use. The ladies of the Delta-Lambda Club met at the home of Boyanna Brown. Following dinner, colorful pictures were shown by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Day of their trip to Canada. Jay McClains Texaco Gas Station in Loomis offered good prices on tires and batteries. Savings Corner, Law Brothers, Loomis Mutual, Allton Chevrolet, Saramore Cafe, and Wayside Cafe were all hit by burglars. A smorgasbord dinner was enjoyed by a large turnout at the Ships Bell Restaurant hosted by the Loomis Lions Club. 25 Years Ago December 11, 1986 As the Loomis Town Council discussed land use, Councilman Greg Fellers said he favored the buffer zone in south Loomis. "All you have to do is take a drive down Rocklin Road to see reality. All those fields are bladed, flat, and pilaged." Loomis Mayor D. Paul Buckley, County Supervisor Mike Lee, and Chamber of Commerce President Bill Von Thaden cut the ribbon commemorating the completion of the downtown sidewalk and tree project. Spearheading the project was Cheryl McVey. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Oakes celebrated their Golden Anniversary at a dinner party hosted by their daughters Rosalie Hogarty and Jean Higgins. At the end of the marching season, the Del Oro Band held its annual awards ceremony. Being honored were Julie Reader, Jackie Howard, and Chrystal Cobabe. Also recognized were exchange students Eva Ivrell of Sweden and Tash Bullock of Australia. Exceptional volunteer band parents joining the Del Oro No. 1 Club were Betty Field, George and Diane Thorsen, Dale and Sandra Eifertsen. Bill Fullerton was appointed Loomis Town Treasurer. "I want to do something for the town. I enjoy it out here and I want to keep it semi-agricultural." Bill and his wife Marilyn were leaders of the 4-H International Exchange Program. Tony Silva was installed as president of the South Placer Kiwanis Club. Also taking office were George Wilkie, Kisar Singh, and Jeff Moss. The club was preparing holiday food baskets for needy families. The largest amount of cocaine in Placer County history was seized in a Loomis home. 10 Years Ago December 13, 2001 Del Oro students spread holiday cheer with community service projects as reported by Alexandra Nelson. In addition to a canned food drive, there were collections of socks, blankets, toys, and pennies. Other students would be caroling at a convalescent hospital or helping underprivileged children shop as part of K-Kids, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and K-Mart. Rhonda Morillas was the new Loomis Mayor with Hazel Hineline as Mayor Pro Tempore. It was Rhonda's third term as Mayor. The Loomis Basin Heritage Foundation wanted to move the train depot, rebuild it, and maintain it for community activities. They also wanted to know if the the Town of Loomis wanted to be a partner in preserving the depot as well as the Blue Anchor and Blue Goose sheds. Alice Barnes, Barbara Nichols, and Barbara Leak were installed as officers for the Loomis Basin Historical Society. In a unanimous vote, the Placer County Supervisors approved the Bickford Ranch development. It would consist of 1890 residential units. The resident "cop on the beat" Kevin Fitzgerald reminded bicycle riders to wear their helmets as more children would be riding over the Christmas holiday.