Looking Back

Week of Sept. 15, 2011
By: Howard Stitt
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50 Years Ago September 15, 1961 Loomis 4-H member Barbara Crossley showed her Hereford heifer "Sugar" at the Auburn Fair. For the first time ever, Sierra Jr. College opened with 1000 students. The college started 25 years ago as Placer Jr. College in conjunction with Placer High School in Auburn. Loomis firefighters responded to a fire in the motor of the automatic washing machine at the home of Mr. and Mrs Jack Yokote. The next day the firemen fought a grass fire that spread from the freeway to the Earl Gates property. The Del Oro freshman class was welcomed with a reception. The theme being "Pioneer Days," the students dressed in appropriate pioneer costumes. Mike Swope and Etna Virgil (Posie) were selected as King and Queen on the basis of the authenticity of their costumes. Harold Springer, Marilyn Cox, Bill Tudsbury, Rita Root, Al Schweigert, and Mrs. Jack Wood were preparing for the first Del Oro Parents Club Barbecue Dinner. There were 796 school savings accounts in Loomis as part of the Bank of America program founded by A.P. Giannini in 1911. In 1936, Loomis School trustees Olive Fisher and H.l. Smyth invited the bank to start the program in Loomis. The new Senior MYF officers at the Loomis Methodist Church were Kenny Takagishi, Masi Iwasaki, Lenn Hirakawa, and Peggy Williamson. Mrs. Ernest McNatt hosted a Sunday coffee hour to benefit the J. Clifford Lee Cancer Fund. Co-hosting the event were Walt Taylor, Al Schweigert, and David Brown. There were 19,000 listings in the phone directory for Amador, El Dorado, and Placer Counties combined. 25 Years Ago September 18, 1986 Proud readers from Loomis School who completed 6 years in the summer reading program were Cory Fellers, Danny Sanderson, Darren Glenn, Amanda Barnett, Walter Fletcher, and Mike Barnett. Loomis Fire Chief Ed Horton discussed changes in the volunteer fire department. "For many years we responded to 60-80 calls per year." They expected over 400 calls in 1986. When the department added the capability to respond to medical emergencies, over 70 percent of the calls were exactly that. Michiko Yoshikawa and Ritei Matsuda, along with her granddaughter Liza, admired the traditional Japanese ornaments at the upcoming 22nd Annual Placer Buddhist Church Food Bazaar. Modeling for the Celebrity Fashion Show, sponsored by the Del Oro Parents Club, were Sandi Szilasi, Debbie Adiego, Stacey Catchot, and Mindy Hobart, Miss Placer County. Among those enjoying the Loomis Community Nursery School picnic were Arlie Righos, Keef Kiser, Megan Moore, Kimberly Steer, Lance Neeley, and Jillann White. In football, Del Oro edged Placer 14-12 with touchdowns from Brian Williams and Eric Hanson. Late in the football game, Placer attempted a 2-point conversion for a tie, but Keith Powers and Jeremy Broughton stopped the runner. Brad Tooker, Scott Painter, and Chris Allen scored goals in a 4-2 win for the Del Oro soccer team over El Dorado. Del Oro beat Woodland 4-0 with Burke White scoring 3 goals, all via headers with assists from Justin Peterson, Tony Ramey, and Jeff Tooker. Chris Buckley, who doubles as the football team's placekicker, scored the other goal with an assist from Scott Holcomb. 10 Years Ago September 20, 2001 Just one day after the 9/11 Attacks on America, Franklin School 8th-grader Sara Pipes recruited 19 fellow students to hold a car wash. The proceeds of $4,600 went to the Red Cross. The football game on Friday, September 14, was more about unity than competition. The players from both teams, Center and Del Oro, stood together to sing the "National Anthem" and "God Bless America." Hand-held candles flickered in the stands as all remembered the tragedy of 9/11. Members of the Loomis Methodist Church walked in support of Wendy Hunt and all people living with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Loomis Youth Soccer players helping their teams win were Bryant Gaylord, Derek Allen, Erik Thomas, Chris True, Chadd Baltzley, and Glenn Sewell. Kayla Kubo, Fusae Miyamoto, and Kinsey Kubo wore traditional kimonos to advertise the upcoming 37th Annual Buddhist Teriyaki Festival. Pam Akina, of Loomis, heads the Halau Hula Ohana I Ka Lie Lokalia hula group. Students learn the dance, history, language, and culture of the people of the Pacific Islands. Among those returning to again participate in the Celebrity Chefs Dinner were Joan Ligamari, Gerald Brentnall, Christine Hebard Summers, and Carmela Martin.