Looking Back

August 18
By: Compiled Howard Stitt from our files
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50 Years Ago August 18, 1961 Services were held for Bert Norberg, 75, a native of Sweden. A building contractor, he died while overseeing work on the Penryn Fire House. Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Pace of Loomis celebrated their Golden Anniversary with a potluck dinner arranged by Mrs. Pace's sister, Jessie Helms. Tina Coleman celebrated her third birthday with a family dinner party. No longer does a home need one black phone in a telephone alcove in the central hallway. A modern home can have a phone in more than one room. Jess Bailon headed a group of 72 people associated with Central Gas Co., of Loomis, to a Giants baseball game. New cars may have inside lighting and carpets on the floor as a result of manufacturers paying attention to the desires of more and more women drivers. Mrs. Millie Taylor and children vacationed at Lake Tahoe with her mother, Mrs. Milton Lane. Jim Hansen and family returned from a vacation in Washington. One highlight of their trip was a visit to the site of the World's Fair "Century 21" in Seattle. Beautiful granite monuments were available from the Ruhkala brothers, of Rocklin. Ben Hur played at the Auburn Drive-In Movie. 25 Years Ago August 21, 1986 Services were held for Wayne J. Skellenger, 66, a resident of Rocklin and Loomis for 40 years. He served in the U.S. Army during WWII. He owned and operated the Country Club Bar, in Loomis, for 14 years. Gary and Betty Doupnik celebrated the 10th anniversary of their business, Doupnik Manufacturing, Inc. It was the largest private business and employer in Loomis. The Doupniks moved to Loomis when Betty found Del Oro was a good high school for their teenage children. The business started when a friend of Gary's said, "Why don't you buy the factory in Loomis which shut down a couple of weeks ago?" The company built modular homes and commercial coaches and as Gary said, "We went into the school business about five years ago and found a home for ourselves." John Lee was a Loomis volunteer fireman and also was employed by his son Gary at Lorenzo's Mexican Restaurant. To increase the response time in case of an emergency, Gary provided a parking space for John's fire truck at the restaurant. Eagle Scout candidate Danny Sewel,l of Boy Scout Troop 830, took on the project of painting Paul Yokote's home (Paul's Place). Among those helping Danny were Matt Walters, Ryan Onstott, and Ethan Colburn. Spokesmen for property owners wanting higher density zoning for southwest Loomis were Jim Bertoni, Fred Weisgerber, John Rutledge, and Jack Hayashida. The property was zoned in 4.6 acre parcels. Peter and Cindy Graf were among the families wanting to keep it that way. Among those attending a reunion of Paul's Place were Deanna Daughtery Bloxham, Dan Kennedy, and Paul Norton. The Penryn Library was given a fresh look thanks to new flourescent lighting installed by Dan Glenn, of Glenn Electrical in Loomis, and carpeting installed by Dave Blau of Carpeting by Dave, in Penryn. 10 Years Ago August 23, 2001 Local children had the opportunity to order a treat at an original soda fountain located in Main Drug Store. Perhaps their grandparents frequented a similar place during their youth. Betty and Gary Doupnik celebrated the 25th anniversary of Doupnik Manufacturing in Loomis. Gary, a graduate of Kansas State University, met Betty in college and they married 45 years ago in Manhattan, Kans. They had four children: Sherrie, J.R. (Gary, Jr.), Kirt, and J.T. The Doupniks were always in the forefront of donations and loans of facilities to their community, an example being the weight room and restroom module built and donated to Del Oro High School. Amanda Cohen, of Loomis, earned her spot on the Deans List and graduated from the 248 year old Columbia University. Roberta Romano was the third family member to attend Loomis Community Nursery School following her sisters Brita and Laren. Roseville Police Officer Cal Wastad, of Loomis, along with his partner Police Dog Arno came home with a gold medal from the California Police and Fire Summer Games. Barbara Nichols, President of the Loomis Basin Historical Society, wrote a book, "Where is Gold Mountain?" The book is about the Chinese who lived in the Loomis area.