Looking Back

July 14
By: Compiled Howard Stitt from our files
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50 Years Ago July 14, 1961 Jack Yokote was honored as "Scoutmaster of the Year" and attended a Masters Conference at the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in Cimmarron, New Mexico. He was able to take his wife Mary and children Jackie and Ronnie. Sea Explorer Gordon Takemoto, of Loomis Ship 12, attended the Explorer Delegate Conference at the Naval Air Station, San Diego. The scouts slept on the decks of the aircraft carriers Lexington and Bennington. Janice Leak, Darlene Jacobson, and Kathie Kennedy were initiated into the Order of Rainbow for Girls. Marie and Andrew Rasmussen moved to Rocklin, where they were born. They operated a dairy and farmed for 42 years in Loomis. Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor made a birthday dinner for her grandson, Bobby Taylor, 4, along with brother and sister, Jeff and Pamela, and parents Walt and Millie. The Eddie Duarte family drove their 1921 Dodge to the Calistoga County Fair. Miss JoAnn Nute traveled to Philadelphia as a delegate for the Sacramento Valley Assoc. of Congregational Churches. Richard Duarte and Tony Ortiz joined the Air Force. Making the trip to Oakland to see them off were David Black and Glen Cardoza. The asking price for canning Bartlett pears was $90 per ton. 25 Years Ago July 17, 1986 Services were held for Manuel Nunes, 72, a long-time rancher and businessman in Loomis. As part of a 4-H exchange program, Nanci Palmer prepared for a trip to Japan. She was honored at a going away party hosted by Frank and Pat Dowd along with Bill and Marilyn Fullerton. Robert Horton was working on his Eagle Scout project of painting the playground structure at Loomis School. He was aided by Troop 12 Boy Scouts Pat Dalaney, Damian Bautista, Ross Barker,and Scott and Jay Gagnon. Annette Rocha, Lisa Schimmick Allen, Sally Hechtman Fernandez, and Vicki Virgil Andersen planned the reunion for the Del Oro Class of 1976. Loomis Dolphin swimmers setting team records were Chris and Kevin Schulze, Kim Otley, Courtney Martorama, Katie Peterson, Greg Frey, and Kim Feickert. Loomis resident J.P. Edwards was dwarfed by the blossom of a 50-foot century plant in his yard. Sisters LaVonne Carter and Pat Caraway opened Sisters Shower of Flowers, in Loomis. 10 Years Ago July 19, 2001. Howard James Zeman died at the age of 74. As an Air Force pilot during WWII, he survived being shot down over Berlin, captured, and as a POW in Barth, Germany. The Loomis Basin Dolphins Swim Team's home meet would be the last for five swimmers. Tony Black had been with the team for 13 years, followed by Danny Byrne - 11 years, Sara Christensen and Jenny Christensen -10 years, and Chris Inouye - 7 years. Kathy Peart and Gerry Nash represented Paul's Place Association to promote the second annual golf tournament to benefit community and scholarship programs. Jim Ingram applied the bright orange and blue paint on the "Blue Goose" sign at the fruit shed owned by the Loomis Basin Heritage Foundation. Facility managers Randy Elder and Russ Kelley were excited about the current and future use of the building. The South Placer Little League underwent a reformation into the Golden Eagle Pony Baseball League. It provided teammates an opportunity to play together who may be attending Del Oro High School in the future.